Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lab 3: Action/Movie Hero

A teaching strategy I used was just to be excited to be there and be playing the games. This strategy works great with all ages from pre K all the way through adults. If the teacher of presenter is acting like he or she does not want to be there then it puts everyone else in the same mood. Just try to spread that good positive energy. Another strategy I try to use is giving attention to the ones who are on the side and want attention. There are enough of us so there can be some on the side with the students who are not participating in the activities with the rest of the group. I try to talk to these students and see what interests them; I then make a game the tailors to what they rather be doing. Having students in an after school program is tough because they have already had a full day of school and just want to run around. I think being excited to be there is the best way to get the students to participate and have fun. The best strategy to capture the children’s attention is to be very enthusiastic and have lots of positive energy. Get into a character and play that character for the children so they can play along.

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