Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Dodgeball can be extremely beneficial when being played with variations. For instance a dodgeball game played only with your opposite arm, all right-handed people must throw with their left and vice versa. This will not only teach students to be ambidextrous but also give the students who are usually out on the side lines a chance to stay in the game longer or even win the game. Another variation which could be played is backboard dodgeball, when the students get out they still have a chance to get back in if a person still in the game hits the backboard. There are an infinite number of variations to the game which makes it very versatile. The game of dodgeball can imporve cardio, agility, strategy, and teamwork to name a few. The argument of people being human targets and having objects thrown at them is very weak when considering all the other sports and activities played in physical education classes. In whatever activity the students are doing there are going to be those who are less motivated than others and "picked on" or left out; it is our job as physical educators to let these students know that they can be a beneficial part of the team and to give them that motivation they are lacking.