Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lab 1: Orientation

Some of the students perform their motor skills better than others, partially because of age, gender, grade level, but mostly because of motivation and support at home. The social level of the students is very different. I believe they acquire most of their social skills outside of school, for example watching their parents, being on a sports team, and their role models. A child that is an only child and always gets their own way will act differently from children with siblings that have to share. Some students were sitting off to the side, Cortland students, including myself, went over to see if we could get them involved with the activity or even with something they enjoy off to the side. Once those students got the attention they wanted they joined in and played what they wanted. Differences in grade level did not vary much, however the other experiences the children have been through such as their home life, sports they play, genetics plays a small role as well. The girls seemed to listen better but the boys were more involved and were more excited about playing games and the physical activity.

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